Landing Page

Landing page is a small website with one or more pages which main purpose involves fast selling of your wares and services, as well as collecting contacts of your target audience. Landing page of a high quality from the professionals of Intera.Group agency can not only increase a brand loyalty, but also bring at least three times more conversions than a usual site.

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Why you should order a landing page in Intera:

1. A complex work on each project, beginning with eliciting client’s goals and analyzing a niche, ending with design, making up and filling the site with content.
2. No routine solutions, only latest original concepts without analogues on the Internet.
3. Quick landing page creation within 7-14 days.
4. We develop the most effective and convenient structure, usability and site functionality.
5. We can create a marketing design.
6. We fill with the pleasant and stimulating for action content.
7. We adapt landing to all kinds of appliances and extensions (desktops, mobile devices, tablets, TV screens with any browsers).

What is Landing page from InteraGroup agency?

Site development in Intera agency, whatever the budget is, carried out by a team of analysts, makers-up, developers, marketers, designers and copywriters. This allows to create really special, interesting and unusual projects for companies and entrepreneurs whatever their business area is. These projects:
— draw customers successfully;
— allow to get more sales with small investments;
— include a pleasant and motivating for desired action content;
— have convenient and functional ways of feedback for customer contact;
— include elements that acknowledge landing work and functioning as references, cases, examples of performed work in advance.

To order a landing page contact our operators. We estimate the amount of work and cost of a project. We offer express landing, as well (easier, faster, cheaper).