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«Turnkey» website development

Creating a website is the task of any entrepreneur, author or journalist who wants to go beyond the usual business and lay the foundation for a successful, recognizable and profitable brand. The site must be functional, convenient and different from competitors. This is what the Intera.Group studio aspires to. We don’t have identical solutions. Each site is a unique story created in bits, which embodies the latest trends and technologies.

Creating «turnkey» websites of any complexity

Interagroup studio always puts the solution of specific tasks of the user first, regardless of the complexity and high cost of the web project. Therefore, when we are developing websites, we use all our experience and creativity: we apply the latest trend solutions, find our own «shticks» for the project, and improve the usability and layout.

In Intera’s studio you can order the development of sites of any direction, scale and complexity, from a small business card presentation site, which is selling a landing page, and a presentable portfolio site to a large online store for tens of thousands of products.

How is the work on each project structured?

A separate team of analysts, web designers, developers, marketers, designers and copywriters is involved in working on each project. Each one of them is one of the best representatives of his/her profession who knows how to make a project genuinely interesting, effective and popular.

When you decide to order a website development from us, you get an integrated and properly sequenced approach:

1. Negotiating with the client, discussing the idea and defining the main objectives of the project. Determining the strategy and platform on which the site will be developed. Explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each.

2. A full audit of the project and the chosen niche; the definition of its pros and cons; the search for the most original and innovative ideas that we will apply in the project..

3. Developing and creating the structure of the future project.

4. Creating a working prototype of standard and mobile version of the site, in which you can already see the «shticks» and features; discussing it with the customer.

5. Preparation of the statement of work for programmers, which will provide all possible functional features for easy site management and comfortable finding users on it.

6. Creating a unique, distinctive and fresh design that will distinguish the site against the background of the most powerful and well-known competitors.

7. Programming and layout — the formation of the final look of the project with all its features; database connection.

8. Filling with unique, non-template and interesting content that will increase sales and attract attention to the project.

9. Delivery a fully finished, tested and functioning project to the customer.

There are no impossible tasks for us. Intera.Group internet agency will take under development a website of any complexity, both on template CMS platforms (WordPress, ModX, Opencart, Drupal), and on a framework (yii, Laravel) in different countries of the world, on different continents. The cost of the service in each case is calculated individually and depends on the type of project, the planned functionality, design, and the need for SEO promotion.

Order a consultation. We will listen to you. We will study the project, orientate it at a price and present a ready-made solution.