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Text translations

When doing business aimed at foreign markets, expanding enterprise, as well as in many other spheres of everyday life you may face the urgent need to translate a text or a document into a foreign language. In this case, it is natural to think about translation quality, as it may greatly influence the result of the deal, event, or court decision. That’s why it is worth contacting the translation agency Intera.Group.

We guarantee the most modern and integrated approach to the client. We engage the best specialists in various fields and native speakers. We use specialized programs and technology platforms which help us to achieve the highest accuracy of translations and reduce order completion time by 30%.

Translation services

Our translation agency works with all types of translation projects in different countries of the world and on different continents. We employ qualified, certified, and experienced translators who are proficient in the most complicated and actual themes.

The translators of Interagroup agency provide translations of all types of documents and texts:

1. Translation of documents according to the standards of foreign countries: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, visa translations, etc.

2. Translation of informational and scientific articles, site translations.

3. Translation of financial and economic texts: financial reports, statements, accounting documents, contracts, etc.

4. Translation of legal articles and texts: contracts and agreements, registration and notarial documents, court papers.

5. Translation of texts related to the IT industry, power industry, construction, various industrial branches: product catalogs, drawings, technical specifications, technical passports, service manuals, etc.

6. Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents: certificates, outpatient files, medical certificates, drugs instructions, etc.

7. Translation of educational documents for admission to foreign universities: diplomas, course works, certificates, degree works.

8. Translation of business and personal correspondence, as well as preparation of texts for bulk distribution by e-mail in 50 languages.

Why do customers choose us?

Intera translation agency is a big team of translators, editors, proofreaders, and censors. With us, you can be sure that all orders are completed on time, and translated texts and documents do not contain distorted information, retain their meaning, and can be accepted in the country for which they are prepared. We have a professional approach to work and translate into 50 different languages in the most diverse topics!

What is the cost of translation services at Interagroup?

Texts and documents translation price depends on many parameters. We always take into account how complicated the translation is, the language of translation, how urgently the result is needed.

To find out the price details of text translation services, please contact our managers for more accurate information and advice. We will take into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer and will offer the most favorable option of cooperation.