PPC - context advertising

Search advertising from Intera.Group is the quickest way for attracting a target audience to the site. Search advertising in Yandex and Google befits effectively for any type of business and, if properly configured, it can significantly increase sales, advertise wares to a wide audience and bring the first customers in the first hours after launch.

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Why should you order PPC-search advertising in InteraGroup team?

  1. We do the initial analysis of the site and the niche, define weak points and consolidate strong points before the launch of advertising in Yandex and Google.
  2. Development of individual operating strategy of advertising in Google or Yandex taking into consideration client’s goals, budget and tasks.
  3. Collecting of key inquiries which give you the maximal result with the best possible budget.
  4. Intelligent setup in Google Adwords and Yandex Direct taking into consideration position, age and gender of your audience.
  5. Advertising launch from 3 working days and more.
  6. Setup of Yandex analytics and Google advertising, reporting of accurate information about advertising campaign swing. You know from the budget is spent, you control the KPI and all the changes on the site.
  7. Running of the campaign: stakes correcting, expansion of semantic kernel etc.

Advantages of search advertising for your business

It’s recommended to order search advertising for projects of any difficulty and lifespan, including small landings, big online stores or business card websites which need:

— to start selling wares and services fast without other marketing methods or when there is no time for waiting for SEO results;

— as additional advertising in Google and Yandex within the framework of complex project online marketing when combined with SEO, social networks etc.;

— to attract target audience to specific wares or service as well as to a competitive niche which are hard to sell with other methods.

What do you get by contacting Intera agency?

Setup of Yandex Direct and Google Adwords from InteraGroup agency is the work of the whole team of marketers, search advertising and wow-effect specialists. They come up with catching titles and marketing, attractive product or service description according to all the rules of modern online marketing. Thanks to us, Yandex advertising and Google advertising is becoming much more cheaper, besides, your site is becoming more famous and visible on the Internet.

You can order by us:

  1. Google Display Network / Yandex Advertising Network — ad placement on million of sites which are included into Google and Yandex networks.
  2. Remarketing Google Ads / Yandex Direct — we provide the opportunity to advertise your site to users according to their interests.
  3. Video advertising YouTube / Yandex Advertising Network — we create the most effective and marketing format of advertising.
The budget of

Yandex advertising and Google advertising can be different. We strive for the biggest conversion with the smallest expenses, so that our clients always recoup their investments. To get the price, contact our manager in a convenient way for you — per online application, e-mail or call.