Development of app web design taking into consideration UI UX trends. Unique and exclusive web design of a site. Creative solutions with convenient functionality.
Order adaptive design of a site of an online store, a business card website, a corporate site, a one pager, a portfolio website.


Intera designers’ services

To stand out among competitors and attract users to your site, it is not enough for the site to be just beautiful. All content should be logically connected, well-formed, it should lead the user to perform the desired target actions. That is why designer services are even more important when launching a site than the work of programmers. Intera.Group studio specializes in designing graphical user UI / UX interfaces for the most convenient and efficient provision of information and the achievement of business goals.

Intera design studio provides a full range of design services:

1. Web design. We study recent trends, create the most interesting and exclusive concepts.

2. Responsive website design. We make the site to maximize the audience and attract more mobile devices (gadgets) users.

3. Development of a unique memorable logo and corporate identity in accordance with the business concept, goals and wishes of the client, which will emphasize all the strengths of the goods and brand.

4. Redesign of a site or an application. Old site concepts have been ineffective for a long time now. Interagroup experts will prepare a new project to redesign a site or your application.

5. Creating web banners and other advertising. We develop memorable, motivating and selling promotional materials.

6. Creating unique characters and heroes. You can order a design of children’s toys, characters for cartoons, advertising, computer games.

7. Development of the application design, from a concept to an icon.

Why customers choose us

Interagroup agency design services is a whole team of marketers, creatives, and experts participation, that are versed in the trend areas of the design community. We know how to identify the weaknesses of the project and make them an advantage through editing and redesign, reinforcing with new concepts and ideas. And we make the strengths more visible and multifaceted, which contributes to strengthening the position of the project in a competitive market.

To find out the real price of design services, please contact our operators. We will analyze your project, define goals and objectives, and also offer various options for a partner cooperation.