Order a text for a website. We write unique, interesting and marketing texts. Texts for sites written by our copywriters enter the top of search results,
Order advertising texts for products, shops, sites, clothes, furniture, restaurants and cafes. We create a slogan. We offer services of brand naming.


Copywriting and content-marketing

How to boost efficient SEO-promotion and increase sales?

Naturally, you have to work with content. Intera.Group internet agency offers professional copywriting and content-marketing services and creates high-quality, captivating for your audience, unique content, that will be your business benefit a good while. Using content-marketing we will raise the visibility of your brand and product, will make you known as an expert and will help to start up or develop a powerful and profitable business.

Kinds of content-marketing

Content-marketing by Interagroup is a real art of getting into contact with the internet audience when instead of cold and impersonal communication only for the single sale we help our potential target audience by creating readable and useful materials.

We write vivid, exciting and saleable articles on various topics:

1. PR and advertising texts for business. We write bizarre, one-of-a-kind texts for products, online stores of any focus, restaurants, cafes and other institutions.

2. Texts for sales. Copywriting and rewriting of texts for attracting the audience and making it sell something: commercial offers, correspondence, etc.

3. Content for online stores. We write fly pages, texts for categories and sections that completely meet the requirements of SEO copywriting, and also are engaging and beneficial for the client.

4. Texts for social networks. We come up with efficacious titles, trend-setting slogans and mind-blowing texts with the peculiar arrangement and design for Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook.

Why contacting Intera

After deciding to order our copywriting services, you get the assistance of a whole team of qualified professionals, experts with philological and pedagogical degrees and experienced authors. Our copywriters know the ropes in scientific, medical, legal, construction and other topics, they are aware of the recent trends in the copywriting sphere, they know how to captivate the audience.

The price for copywriting and rewriting of texts depends on the complexity, volume, and urgency of the order. But we are always ready to meet the client’s needs and offer the most beneficial conditions for cooperation.

We create a WoW-effect, help you to stand out, captivate and be sink deep into the mind of clients!